Monday, 23 June 2014

Good Morning and welcome to the Planet Weekly design site. A bit of a mixed bag this week, but some great images. When I go searching I don't quite know where I will end up, but I'm always amazed at what I find. Some weeks it's about office interiors, others about buildings and facades, some times it's about nothing but a great image, and this week is no different. So enjoy.

Santorini, I've made a promise to myself that I am going to sit in this pool. I am.

Here's one of those great images I was talking about, enlarge it and check out the detail, so well do

If you've never done this, what are you waiting for, go and do it.

I can't be too sure, but I think this has been in here before, but I think it's fantastic anyway.

Every so often an article will cross my screen, and I'm blown away at how simple something is, or how well something is made, or just how good does that look, this is one of them.

The quality of this is just beautiful.
What a shot!!!!!

Ice caves in Norway.

This is just here because it's a great photo, no more, no less just well captured, light perfect.

Now that is a bedroom with a view

Well, it looks Ok but i wonder how many toes are going to have battle with that edge late at night

Skateboard fun

Taken from an amazing angle, never seen it like this before
A deck painters delight i should think, so well done
Now normally I wouldn't advocate that you use a color like this so bold, in fact I wouldn't be so bold as to suggest any color, but sometimes it works

I really liked this idea, the keys have a magnetic base that stick to the back, very nice

These guys knew all about terraces

And urban design too
A modern take on the image above, Hmm have we progressed that much?

Just so you can see that you can make anything from anything if you have the time and the imagination. Not my cup of tea it has to be said, but it's not that bad

It works, i can only imagine what the neighbors thought when this was being built, but the finished house is great

I can feel the warmth from here

Hmmm, I thought that this was a photo shopped image, but it turns out to be real. I don't like it, what do you think?

However I do like this

And that is that for the week. Hope you've enjoyed the images from this week, and as usual if you want to ask any questions about anything in here or need the advice of a great design team don't hesitate to contact us here at Planet Design ( that's my unabashed plug for the week).

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