Monday, 16 June 2014

I think it's a great gift that people from all over the world display their work, their art for everyone to see. This weeks edition of the Weekly Planet ( I'm not using Blog anymore), has a myriad  of images of people presenting their art for all to see, and I am just lucky enough to be able give you all a brief glimpse into the work of so many talented people, be they architects, designers, builders, conceptualizers, or just photographers who capture an element, a flash of light in such a way that makes us just stop and gaze in awe of their insight into our world. Please take some time and appreciate our world and what we do in it

Have a great week.

This is what we are into at Planet Design

I love this house, it has all the elements that I think make a perfect place, concrete, timber, light, space its all there.

Hmmm I think our government friends wouldn't like to see this much wasted space, but i think that it's fantastic.

What a beautiful place

office meeting spaces don't have to be rigid, let your design team show you how it could be.

Even this seemingly monotone office space looks like it would be a great place to work in.

Clever, I've long had this view that all public places, be they restaurants or airports should have these sorts of things that you can use, even pay for charge would be a great idea. So many of us are on the go all the time that you always ( and I mean always) run out of battery.

great art

Everything has great design, I thought that this bicycle was worthy of the Weekly Planet

 Imagine trying to convey this idea to the people who wanted it built, and then trying to get it built, but then you see the next image and think even today, imagine trying to convey that let alone build it

This is a view I've not seen before

 I want to be there right now :-)

OK, that's all from me this week, hope you enjoyed the amazing work of others here. See you all next week.

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