Monday, 9 June 2014

Welcome again. Some simply stunning shots on this weeks installment. Never too sure what to call it, somehow Blog doesn't quite fit it really, Blog sounds all bloated and lazy to me. I think I need to get inspired and come up with another name for these. Anyway some inspirational images happening again, it never ceases to amaze me how the images and the work of talented people just keep on coming. Some that I put in here may not seem that way to you, but I look at some of the work with a different eye and I see absolute perfection and execution. It may appear ugly or unnecessary to others, but if it catches my eye then maybe, just maybe it will catch yours as well and inspire you to do something, or give you an idea, and that is what it's all about after all. So enjoy another light look at what's happening around the world, from residential design, through building design and some absolutely stunning places to be. Enjoy.

Looks like a great place to spend an afternoon with your friends

Morocco, I can still smell this, I spent quite a few days walking around here as a young impressionable chap, and I loved the place. I believe it's a lot more accessible these days, when I was there is was a pretty dangerous place to be, but i wouldn't have traded my experiences there for anything.

This is what I remember most, was the endless markets and getting lost for hours under these slated roofs, only to burst out into sunlight again on the other side of town. great place, if you have the opportunity don't hesitate.

I'm a fan of long lunches and this table looks about set for one of those, wish I was there.

Not a lot of imagination going on here, how would you or could you be different.

I'm loving the gold velvet, it works so well.

This house and next few images of this house would be in my opinion some of the best I've seen. from day to night, the continuation of materials from outside into the living areas, the timber, the concrete and the general finish are among the best. 

This really works

This one slipped in from my other blog, but it's still great design and a great photo too.

just a happy shot, and we all need happy shots

Cafe in Florence, so simple

Here at Planet Design, we've been known to do some great bar design, and every so often I see a place and think to myself  that is stunning, I know what they've been through to put that in place.

Clever retail design. Get in and around the products you want to buy

Why can't we have places like this here?

I can still recall the sound of this place early in the morning. Florence.

I've been amazed by the design going into airports these days, they are as much a destination as the country that your going to.

A nice place to spend an afternoon.

what a great shot, who wouldn't want to be here?

This image slipped in here from my other blog ( that word again), and I thought "I should move that". But you know what it is great design all be it automotive, we all like to get into brand new cars don't we, it's got that nice feeling and that unique smell that makes us all smile. So it stays.

Not a home, but in a way it is, personally you wouldn't get me in one of these in a million years.

And to finish off this week, a house that really caught my eye, it just seems to sit so well here, (and it looks warm). I think it was the container at the far end that attracted my eye to it. isn't it nice.

Well that's all for this week. I do hope you saw something that made you think, and if you did and think to yourself I want to do that, give us a call here at Planet Design ( unashamed advertising I know, but there you go ).

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