Sunday, 14 October 2012

Another week of images and another week closer to Christmas, it's really flying by here at Planet Design that's for sure. Had a busy week and the flight back into Wellington after working in Auckland on Friday was one of the worst I have ever experienced. never mind enjoy this weeks raft of images. And keep the comments coming, it's really exciting to see a lot of you getting well almost enegized by some of the images and the ideas that are posted here.

Great evening shot, beautiful views

Somewhat harder edged than normal but pretty cool space

Restaurant interiors are the best I think, because they give the designers and the owners the opportunity to play with colour, texture, and style like they never would in their own places.

Great wall feature here, it must have taken 100s of hours to build this.

Oh yes....... infinity pools

A bit quirky and a bit of fun

what a stunning weekender....

here we go again more infinity pools, I just love these

Nice home and love the art

look at the size of those doors.....

The use of texture, nice clean lines, smooth surfaces and then the wheat grass make an interesting combination for a beautiful interior

Great light

The engineers have obviously pulled out all the stops here

Now what a bathroom.........................

I really liked this, we should have more of this sort of thing here in Wellington

I dont know what's going on here but it's a great shot

We would not be allowed to do this here, real pity

Just real real nice

Clever stairs, again we cant do this here.....

Great building facade

pretty amazing apartment

Mother nature doing her best

I love quiet areas in busy houses, very important to escape to, and I would love to escape to my boks in a place like this.

Well that's this lot for the week. We here at Planet Design have become very busy again with a great work load to get through between now and Christmas and into next year, so all good.
Have a great week, and as I said enjoy the images, and keep being inspired.

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