Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Back to work, had a great break catching BIG trout on lake Okataina, and here is the latest batch of images for you to browse at your leisure. Hope you enjoy.

Stunning colour and composition

Love the way the light plays on this house

And love the way the designers have used light on this house

Rooms always deserve art, make sure you put some in your life, it rewards at anytime of the day or night.

Like these style of places, our neighbourhoods deserve to be filled with these types of housing

Ah paris, lovely image

Mother nature does a pretty cool job I think

Not so sure about this place, but it is interesting

Desert dwelling,that really appealed to me for some reason, it must be the heat.

Clean lines and great walk through space

Now you all know I love clean and tidy, this space eptomises that, clean well finished and executed

Interesting places to live, or visit

Great shot!!!

This is in Singapore and part of the new gardens they have, am really looking forward to visiting this.

Mother nature again, great image

It takes a while to get your eyes and head around this image, it doesnt quite look right, but then you realise what is happening. great work.

Inner city living

Outer city living, not too sure which one I like best.

Liked the way the designers have changed the mood of the space by changing the colour of the lamps, very clever, think about this idea in your own home, and use different temperature lamps to enhance a space or change a mood

But then again one colour is all you need sometimes

Natures pretty good at creating moods don't you think?

Again ART ART ART!!! get some.

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