Thursday, 18 October 2012

Hi there everyone, well seeing as it's going to be a long weekend and the weather doesn't look that good, I thought last night I'd do an 'early release' of images so that you all could enjoy. This weeks bag is a bit different in that I have found some amazing images that although not architectural I thought I'd would share with you all, so enjoy grab a coffee and take 20 minutes off, you deserve it.

Not that amazing until you realise it's more work from that man Robin Aley ( google him), this is not a photo, it is an oil painting.

They are incredible and the more you look the more you are convinced "no that's real, not a painting".

National Geographic image of the year, quite incredible photography

Perfect formation over southrn England

Ok back to design ideas, just loved this chair

Timber seems to be making a resurgence again overseas, it will be interesting to see what happens here in the next few months

Again more timber, it certainly does have a nice feeling to it

Just a bit out there

I like the way the designers have incorporated lighting into the design, it's not my cup of tea but it is still well done.

pretty cool house

being a stone carver in a past life, I like the form that these people have acheived here, perfect lines

More timber appearing

Oh yes, i could wake up to this ANY day

I've mentioned this before but the light that they get in Asia certainly has a different aspect to it than what we recive here, ours is to harsch I think, I really enjoy the softness that they seem to have

OK then, i guess it takes all sorts of thinking to acheive a result like this

Timber and lots of it, it certainly gives a richness to a space

Mother Nature again working her art on natural elements, this is a great shot

And speaking of great

Just because you can

Beautiful house, look how well it fits.

Here's that man again, I love the colour saturation here, so real, it's almost like you can touch him

Well what can you say............the brief "and I want lots of coloured balconies", so that's what you get

Old bay villa in Auckland, I think that the designers are doing some great work with these older houses, I wish our Historic places would let us loose on some of the inner city buildings because there are some fantastic results that could be acheived

Art again making a space, and timber on the ceilings again

Roof top living at its best

Another image simiar to the one I posted on the Eifel Tower, just a great shot

Timber being used both on the floor and the ceiling, and finished so well. Pretty well timeless.

This is what I meant by the previous comment on Historic Places, we could never be allowed to do this. Imagine if we could do stuff like this....and I think Christchurch really has the opportunity right now to be let a bit loose in order to build icons like this.

WOW.............I wonder what this room is used for

Great colour

To finish off this week, i came across this image, this carrot field was flooded out by an underground river and the pressure of the water caused the carrots to just 'pop' up out of the ground, made me laugh, I'll bet the people that had to pick them had an easy job afetr this.

Anyway, that's me for now, have a good long weekend.

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