Sunday, 7 October 2012

Good morning everyone, here's this weeks images for you all to enjoy. I was talking to a 'follower' in the weekend and he mentioned that one of the things he likes about the blog is the quality of the images and the photography, so I went back and looked through the entire site and he is right, it amazes and astounds me the quality of the images, some to a point where they dont quite seem real.
So anyway enjoy this weeks images I've found some amazing interiors for you to view starting with..

German university library, what an amazing space and thinking outside the square on how a library should look....

Simple clean and visually very good, I like this style of housing

I keep talking about lighting and art, here's a good example of how to incorporate the two. When you are thinking of the spaces you live in take some time to see how these things can really effect your space and change your perseption of an interior

I liked these images purely because of the quality

Just great workmanship here

Lighting makes this place look very dramatic at night

The same building by day looks completely different......but still stunning all the same

Not too sure about this space, but I kept coming back to it so I'm guessing it must make an impression on me. I like to use of limited pallettes and this one, while green is not my favourite colour seems to work quite well

Another shot of the interior, this one I liked because of the quality of the joinery and how seating and storage is incorporated into the same unit.

Loved this night shot, great light

An Auckland home featured on an international site, love this place

Was impressed with the 'rawness' of this kitchen

A Singapore apartment, great art makes the space

Lighting working its magic

Can't stress enough lighting here's a great example of how to do it.

Green and white again I've just realised, those first images must have done something to me, beautiful home though.

This image reminded me of a photo taken years ago called "Monsoon Girl" by Brian Brake I think, what a fantastic image

Now if you have a small backyard, that should not limit you...look at this for clever use of space

I could live here, very zen like feeling

Art, Art Art

Love the use of the timber to the ceiling ,very natural and raw space that is very cool

See, there would have been just a wall, put some art up and the space is transformed, I think that this is one of my most favourite interiors of all time.

Just a great space

Now I dont like this....I've put this up to show you what i think is wasted interior space, what is it for, and what does it do? Designer frippery?

But you all know I love infinity pools

Warm places

And open spaces

here's a great advertisement for that iconinc building material the old breeze block, there is something about this material that i really like, everytime I get near this product I cant help running my hands across it, it's roughness, it's smell, and yet it is so sophisticated

We should use more of this product, for years we have been building with it and then painting it!!!!! It looks best this way,

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