Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Well, another week has gone by, I hope you all had a good long weekend off. This weeks theme seems to be around stairs. A feature of a lot of houses that always seem to end up as just that...stairs, but they can be so much more as some of the images will show.
But first I came across this little installation in Hong Kong which I found pretty cool.

Golden Moon, a temporary architectural structure that explores how Hong Kong’s unique building traditions and craftsmanship can be combined with contemporary design techniques in the creation of a highly expressive and captivating public event space.

A very cool bar almost right out of a sci-fi movie, thought that lighting was fantastic

This multi level house overcame the issue of space by running the stairs up the outside of the building, very good idea.....

Stairs always provide space for art, and you all know how I feel about art enriching a space

A bit cluttered for me, but great space never the less

Lots of natural light going on here

Urban design doesn't necessarily mean boring, I thought this house sat so well

As does this one

Now this is just cool, I think that this is possibly the nicest house I have ever seen, must do some more research on this to find out what it's like inside, I will keep you posted

This ones pretty nice too!!!!

This is from inside the house above what a great entrance

And they use art so well

What I was impressed with in this image was the fact that the timber floor is curved..... that takes some doing 
Stairs, what a great image

See, they dont have to be boring do they?

pity we can't do this......

Beautifully captured

This is another thing that we need to provide in our houses, quiet spaces and I like the way they have treated this area of the house

A bit of designer fun happening here

Just because.............it's a beautiful shot

Ok,Ok, we can all dream

This was a clever idea of incorporating a place for your pets into the furniture, simple and effective

I just liked this

Now that's art on scale, it just transforms the room and seems to make it so much more, it's pretty cool space anyway, but the scale of the artwork makes it more

This one had the heading Playboy Houses, I can see why

A bit whimsical, but the use of the exposed timber framing inside really does work, I like the way that you can see the building stand

Beige and cream, two colours that mix to make a very peaceful setting

Mother nature doing her best, doesn't she do a great job?

Makes you wonder how they did stuff like this hundreds of years ago

And last but not least, the steel curved stairwell just seems to be made for this space, this is a very dramatic solution to getting from one space to another, not hidden by a wall and banisters but out there in your face, I looked at this image for ages and really feel in love with what they have achieved here.

Well, thats all for this week, I hope you enjoy the images here this week, and I hope that you get inspired. I know and understand that we can't afford to live in places like the ones on the blog, but if at least you take just a bit of inspiration from any of the images then that has to be good.

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